How to Determine if Your Website Has Good Technical SEO?

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A technically sound website is fast for users and crawlable to search engine robots.

SEO agency experts know that an excellent technical setup enables search engines to understand what a site is about to prevent confusion caused, for instance, by duplicate content. Furthermore, it doesn’t send visitors or search engines into dead ends via non-working links. This article explores points to consider in a technically optimised website.

  1. It is fast

Webpages nowadays need to load fast. Your users are impatient and will only wait several seconds for a page to open. According to data, mobile website users will leave if a webpage doesn’t open within three seconds. Therefore, if your website is slow, people will get frustrated and move to another website. You will miss out on all that traffic.

Google knows that slow web pages don’t provide an optimal experience. Therefore, they prefer web pages that load fast. Moreover, slow web pages end up down the search results than their faster equivalents resulting in even less traffic. Since this year, Page Experience, which refers to how fast people experience a webpage, has become a ranking factor.

  • Your website is crawlable for search engines

Search engines utilise robots to spider your website. These robots follow links to examine content on your site. A good internal linking structure will ensure they understand the most critical content.

SEO agency experts know that there are numerous ways to direct robots. For instance, you can prevent them from crawling specific content. You can also enable them to crawl a page but instruct them not to show this page in search results or follow certain links on that page.

  • Your website doesn’t have many dead links

It was discussed previously that slow websites could be frustrating. What is even more annoying for your visitors are slow pages or a landing page that doesn’t exist at all.

If a link leads to a non-existent page on your site, people will encounter a 404-error page. This will hurt your carefully crafted user experience.

Moreover, search engines will find these error pages to be negative. They will discover even more dead links than visitors since they will follow every link they encounter, even if it is hidden.

  • Your website is secure

A technically optimised website means a secure website. Nowadays, making your website safe for users and protecting their privacy is an essential requirement. There are many ways to make your website secure, and one of the most important things you can implement is HTTPS.

HTTPS makes sure that no one can hack data sent over between the browser and the site. For example, if people log in to your site, their credentials are secure.

You will need SSL to implement HTTPS on your website. Google placed a premium on security and made HTTPS a ranking signal. Secure websites rank high compared to unsafe counterparts.

It is easy to check if your website is HTTPS in most browsers. You will see a lock on the left-hand side of your browser’s search bar. This indicates your site is safe. If you see the words “not secure”, it is crucial to correct this at once with your web developer.

The factors influencing a technically sound website are clear from the points mentioned above. A good SEO agency will help you create a technically strong website. This will help improve your business ranking online.

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