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Today’s generation is obsessed with the muscular body. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, everyone is working hard to get the muscular body that models have. Anime, web series and dramas has taken this fire to another level in the teenagers. In some ways it’s good though as it’s promoting a good lifestyle. In India most of the population is obese. We all are getting attracted towards the western culture eating the junk and skipping the home cooked fresh meal, watching late night dramas and munching on dense calorie packed food has collected lots of fat deposit in our body. So the teenager’s attraction towards how to build muscle is taking them to the right path towards a healthy lifestyle.

How to build muscle know tips to increase muscles?

While trying to build muscles people always forgets to take the healthy lifestyle choices. They think that taking protein powder will eventually increase their muscles without doing exercises. This is totally wrong, taking large amount of protein and not doing any physical task make your body worse. The swallowed protein will not digest until unless you are doing physical activities. This will trigger up your digestive system making you feel bloated, loose motion and gas.

The undigested protein will start storing in the form of fat and will make your body look even worse. So it’s not important what we eat, the important thing is that how much we are able to digest and how much calories we burn?

Which protein powder is best to increase muscles?

Basically, we should not rely on the packed sources of protein to increase the muscles. We should eat proper meals that are balanced with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins. For the requirement of protein we can rely on the plant based products such as legumes, green leafy vegetables, soya products and the dairy products.

There is no need to harm any animal for our protein requirement. As we don’t know where the chicken grew up, what did he eat? And what disease he had? So when we are going to eat the chicken, the same disease is going to get inside our body causing many chronic diseases. So including animal protein in the diet is a big no. It’s neither good for our health nor light on our pocket and it also takes away the life of a living creature. We do not have the right to kill someone.

A regular home cooked meal is all that you need to fulfill your protein requirement. More important than the intake of protein is to exercise more, involve in the physical activities. It will help you to cut down your fat and in return help you to get that desired body.

Still if you want to add protein shake in your daily diet, then always try to find a vegan protein shake that is derived from the plants’ products.

Tips to increase the muscles fast-

All the beginners question this to their trainer. Is there a magical remedy that can help me boost my muscles in one night? The answer is no! You need to be consistent with your practices, do regular exercises, burn calories and take a good diet. It’s a long process of gaining muscles. When you have stepped on this way, then you will have to be consistent and obedient. Sincerely follow the rules and never get stressed by seeing the results of others. We all have different bodies, some people gain muscles easily without putting efforts where some people find it hard to gain muscle even after working so hard.

So always trust the process. If it’s taking long then the result would be more sweet and favorable. Good things take time to happen. So sincerely follow the path that you have chosen and you will get the desired results by following these healthy habits.

Things to follow while working on building muscles-

  • Take a proper meal that is full of carbohydrate, fat, protein and vitamins.
  • In snacks you can take bananas and other seasonal fruits.
  • Add salads, fruits and dry fruits in your diet.
  • Engage your body in different physical activities.
  • Try to be consistent and follow the routine sincerely.
  • Focus on the area that you want to work on your body.
  • Stay hydrated as it will fill up your stomach and suppress the cravings.


By following the above mentioned tips, you can easily build up muscles. tell you the easy and the practical ways to build up muscles. It’s easy on your pocket and will not cause you any harm, because we are using all the natural things that are good for our body. At last work is the key. We need to push our body to do exercises and physical activities for the better functioning of our organs.

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